Social Webmarketing & Advertising
We probably are one of the most evaluated company for Tourism Webmarketing in Europe thanks to decade of experience. We build the core strategy projects in-house. Our goal has always been and will be to learn from the best talented marketing advisors and marketing strategist which we could find.



Search Engines Optimization
With our platform you’ll get what you really need: maximal correspondence to search engine reasearch combined with high efficiency content  and proper external SEO strategies bring incredible permanent TOP-10 results.

PPC & Adwords Optimization

Our Platform will give great profts on stage, when your web projects on the way of dominating over competitors. Our Adwords advisors will bring your site to the TOP with high conversions, spending less money on advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Engage,Advertise, publish and analyse your social media strategies using our social platform which includes facebook management, twitter management, facebook apps and social insights.

What you get

Singular’s powerful data-collection software brings all your data together in one place—from ads, trackers, publishers, and agencies—and applies proprietary algorithms to give you analytics into campaign performance at the smaller level.

Explore by metrics, metadata, time periods, conversion data, and cohorts.


Speed Productivity up to:

Hotel & Tourism Marketing Strategy Consulting Taylor Made

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